Meet our team

We're great at what we do.

Crypto-VC is an international network of crypto specialists.

Our team is made up of some of the crypto-sector’s most knowledgeable and experienced technical experts, as well as highly experienced professionals in capital markets, private equity and venture capital sectors. Our marketing team is skilled in creating campaigns to maximise the success of crypto-coin launches.

Crypto-VC is linked strategically to the Dacxi, a global crypto investor community. This provides ready access to a large and active pool of crypto investors and an established marketing framework. This accelerates and de-risks new crypto-coin launches.


Ed Ludbrook

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Ed developed the Crypto-VC approach based on his experience of start-ups, capital raising and the crypto world. He has listed two companies on the UK’s ‘entrepreneurial’ board, called the Plus Board. He founded and led Telecom Plus PLC in Europe’s first idea-based IPO on the OFEX exchange in 1996 (Telecom Plus is now an FTSE company). For 30 years he has advised or led hyper-growth companies around the world and has been involved in crypto since late 2015. Ed’s vision for Crypto-VC is for it to unleash a revolution of early stage tech investments globally, especially outside of the USA.

Mark Nicholas

Group Executive, Operations

Mark has built a career growing businesses, both big and small. A Chartered Professional Engineer and fellow of Engineers Australia with three decades of experience in technology management and delivery, he also has extensive strategic planning and business development expertise. He has broad international experience in complex systems integration projects and the business delivery strategies around them. He brings significant senior operational management experience in organisations ranging from large multi-national to small privately-held start-ups.  He has worked in professional services organisations advising companies across multiple sectors and has sat on the boards of a number of technology-based companies in multiple countries.

Through this he has gained valuable insight into the funding options and challenges for early-stage businesses as they transition to full operations and sustainable profits. He is the author of the Crypto-VC System of ICO management.

Johnathan Huston

Senior Advisor

A serial entrepreneur, Jonathan is highly experienced in private equity and venture capital funding to build successful, sustainable businesses across a broad range of industries. In addition to his success as a business owner and executive, he has consulted to a wide variety of organisations and individuals helping define business strategy, leadership development and operational excellence. He has an experienced eye for operational process and efficiency that drives profitability and sound business development. His understanding of business governance, investment due diligence and risk management gives him a keen insight into the challenging world of technology start-ups and their funding needs.

Tim Baxter

Senior Advisor

Tim has been actively managing well known corporates for twenty five years and has been a leader in expansion of businesses throughout Asia Pacific.

He has expertise in analysing and assisting fintech businesses to use innovative models to obtain funding and enter new markets.