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Take the Lead in Crypto-Investment

Blockchain is Changing the Way the World Does Business

The boom in crypto-currencies and use of the Blockchain has led to a flood of interest in the technology.  The field is fast-moving, complex and at times just plain confusing.

The opportunities offered by Blockchain-based business applications are limitless. So are the opportunities for investors of all shapes and sizes who wish to participate in early stage investment, while having the attraction of early liquidity and shared risk.

Bringing Venture Capital Expertise to the Crypto World

We can show you how traditional equity investment at early stage can combine with crypto-capital raising via ICO to create a new model of innovation capital – Crypto Venture Capital.

Crypto-VC offers its Licensed Partners the opportunity to take an active role in driving innovation. We also offer investors the opportunity to leverage early stage capital injections through direct mentoring involvement with innovative, disruptive start-ups combined with the benefit of early liquidity and access to the world’s first Community Crypto Exchange and its growing pool of retail investors.

Become a Player, not a Spectator.

By becoming a Crypto-VC Partner, you will become a licensed user of our patented IP and its seven-stage process from identification of a great business idea, to ICO-based capital raising. Backed by the Dacxi Exchange, you’ll also have access to the enormous Dacxi global community of retail investors and the infrastructure to accelerate and streamline the process of launching and listing a new coin.

Crypto-VC will provide you with:

  • Education
  • Research
  • Marketing Support
  • Regulatory and jurisdictional advisory services
  • Commercial and technical due diligence support
  • Advice of best practice around crypto-capital raising
  • Access to the Dacxi Exchange and its investor community

As a Crypto-VC Partner, you will be kept up to date on the latest developments in ICO launches, White Paper development and content, and regulation in your jurisdiction. You’ll also get access to best practice in marketing your project and its capital raising.  The Crypto-VC expert team will be on call to provide advice and guidance at every stage of your investment’s progress, from technical concept to operating business.

Crypto-VC partners can be any of (but not limited to):

  • Individuals;
  • Investment companies (VC or PE);
  • Professional Services firms;
  • Asset Management firms;
  • Management Consultants;
  • Family Offices;
  • Wealth Management Firms.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in taking an active, hands-on role in your investments and can see the potential of Blockchain to change businesses of every kind, contact us to learn about becoming a Crypto-VC Partner.