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Do you have a Blockchain Innovation That Needs Funds to Take Off?

More great new businesses fail due to lack of funds than lack of good ideas. Crypto-VC’s “blended capital” model can help your business find a pathway to capital and early liquidity for investors and help you plot a path to business success.

Crypto-VC will work to find a Partner that can help lead you through the journey from a great idea to a sustainable, profitable business. Crypto-VC Partners are licensed practitioners and advisors who have access to the full suite of our widely researched IP and extensive experience in capital markets and crypto-listings (ICOs).

Is Crypto-Capital the Right Path for you?

Blockchain technology is on a trajectory to change the way in which commerce is conducted. We’re excited about helping companies that are part of the driving force behind that. At the end of the day, raising capital via crypto-coins is dependent on your business being driven by a solid, sustainable Blockchain solution that can either:

  1. Meet an identified gap in the market;
  2. Deliver demonstrable business benefits that replace an existing solution; or,
  3. Enhance an existing product or service through implementation on the Blockchain.

You need to be able to demonstrate that your solution makes business sense, that you have a well identified customer base and that your team has the capability to deliver on your proposed solution.

If that’s all in place, our structured seven stage process can lead you through the maze of regulation, documentation and marketing of your ICO and help you get access to the funds you need to build your business.

Is a Blockchain Application the Answer?

For a crypto-coin issuance to succeed beyond the ICO and for the coin to hold and increase in value for investors, the underlying Use Case of the application needs to stack up. How will your target end-users benefit from a Blockchain implementation?

An ICO may be your path to capital if:

  1. You can demonstrate market demand –  is there  a customer base for your solution?
  2. Your proposed solution brings genuine value – improving the workflow or value chain of your target market.
  3. You can clearly define how your solution interfaces with the real economy – how will your system make money?
  4. There is a demonstrable benefit to using the Blockchain in place of other options.
  5. You can make a clear value case for a coin to fuel your solution’s ecosystem.

As the crypto-sector matures, investors are becoming more discerning, and attracting capital through an ICO requires more information but also a credible, well-reasoned case for investment. Our process will help you build your case and market it.

Want to Learn More?

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