Don’t Ride the Next Wave – Create It

Driving the Internet of Value

Blockchain technology represents the next generation in the development of the Internet. It has the potential to change the way commerce is conducted in almost every imaginable industry and sector.

Crypto applications also open a new path to development capital for start-up companies and business concepts built around using distributed ledger applications. They also represent a new generation of investment opportunity and the key element in a blended capital model that offers access to a wider range of investors and a quicker path to liquidity than conventional funding channels.

New business solutions with crypto-coins at their heart open the door to a new, blended capital funding model: Crypto Venture Capital.

What is Crypto Venture Capital?

The traditional sources of capital for early stage businesses rely on good will of friends, family, Angel Investors and high cost debt providers. For start-ups with novel approaches to business problems, this model can be as much of a barrier to success as any other factor.

If the business model of your new venture can be solidly based in a Blockchain  platform, then its possible to raise capital via issue and listing of a crypto-coin that drives the business going forward. An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) could be the path to a properly funded start to a long-term business success.

We work with like minded people

Crypto-VC works with creative companies and innovators whose business model relies on delivering value to customers through imaginative, inventive use of Blockchain technology and with serious investors that want to work with innovators to nurture their early stage establishment and development to commercialisation. We will work with you to validate your business concept, build a model for monetising it, develop a strategy for launch and navigate the process to crypto-listing and capital raising via ICO.

Crypto-VC is about helping you raise capital based on a business model that will survive and thrive well beyond the ICO.  It’s about creating business value that is captured and reflected in the coin that drives the new enterprise long-term. We work with you to build customer engagement, investor confidence and deliverable commercial outcomes. We’re helping take crypto out of the “wild west” and into the mainstream.

Our process

Project Baseline & Feasibility

  • Developing a clear understanding of where the project is on the development pathway, the business opportunity it has identified and its current financial situation.
  • Critical analysis of the ability of the proposed solution to meet the market and its potential to be commercially viable

Capital & Business Planning

  • Identifying the capital requirements to bring the project from concept to reality and over what timeline
  • Ensuring that a solid, well structured business plan is in place to guide the new venture from start-up to maturity

Develop & Demonstrate the Solution

  • Technical analysis, code auditing, prototyping, testing and demonstrating that the solution is viable and scalable

Take the ICO to Market

  • Navigating the pathway through regulatory, reporting, marketing and technical steps to actually launching and selling a coin to investors
  • Ensuring the new venture is managed and raised capital is applied to develop a self-sustaining business beyond the initial capital raising.